What is philosophy? Philosophy serves to better understand ourselves, others and our values, therefore it serves to know the truth. And our truth is very simple: that wine is one of the greatest pleasures in life!

It must therefore be done with care, passion and respect. Starting from the vineyards, because wine is made above all in the vineyard.

For several years we have been practicing sustainable viticulture, which consists of minimal and non-invasive treatments and without the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. A lot of manual work, the skilful hand handed down for generations in the Ballarin family.

In the cellar, on the other hand, we seek balance – that harmony of sensations which can blend sweetness, elegance and drinkability – and territoriality, through respect for our vineyards and the pursuit of maximum health of our grapes bunches.

We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.

(E. H. Galeano)