The logo is inspired by a picture of the artist Teddy Locquard

Why the symbol of the tightrope walker?

During my trip to South Africa I looked at a graffito and immediately understood that it had a meaning for me, I realized that I recognized myself in that figure suspended in the air, sitting on a thread and intent on reading a newspaper.

The tightrope walker finds himself on the edge of life. A swing on which to stand up in imperfect balance, a tiring and at the same time extremely relaxing undertaking.
I fell in love with it and decided to make it mine.

I was able to see myself in that image, suspended between the choices I had to make and those I had already made.

Choices that led me to find my personal balance thanks to the possibility that I was given to live through my passions and to love my job.

As the Chinese philosopher Confucius reports “Do what you love and you will not work a single day of your life”.

I therefore decided to include what I consider the essential elements of my life as a producer:

  • the glass of wine: the symbol par excellence of sharing and for me an emblem of leisure, well-being and pleasure;
  • the book: a symbol of knowledge, but above all of the curiosity with which you have to look at every challenge, as the world of wine and its culture are immense and it is impossible to be satisfied with them;
  • the umbrella: representation of the weather and its instability; quality grape bunches and wine cannot be produced without the right weather conditions. Due to its essentiality it could not be missing from my label.