Alberto Ballarin is born thanks to the union of the values ​​of tradition, the land and the authentic flavors with which Giorgio grew up and Alberto’s innovation, determination and look towards the future. It is the fruit of the harmony of our past, present and future.

To know and understand this, however, it is necessary to go backwards and walk through our history together by taking a “small” leap into the past of our family.

EARLY 1900s

Once upon a time there was our distant ancestor. A man dedicated to hard work and toil who served as a sharecropper in a farmhouse located in “Strada Ballerini” in Alba. Back in La Morra, the people dear to him and subsequently the whole town began to call him “the guy from Ballarin”, a Piedmontese distortion of the name of the street. Nickname that has stuck with us ever since, despite the generations and years that have passed.


Pietro Viberti “Ballarin” builds Cascina Ballarin. For many years it has been structured as a real farm of those times: there was a stable, a barn, animals, fruit trees and vineyards.


The farm began to grow with the arrival in the farmhouse of Luigi Viberti Ballarin, grandson of Pietro and father of Giorgio and Giovanni.


The transformation begins! Thanks to the will and dedication of Luigi and his sons Giorgio and Giovanni, Cascina Ballarin becomes a winery through specialization in viticulture and winemaking. The stable, the warehouse areas and the barns take on new life, becoming a full-fledged cellar. The Cascina Ballarin winery is born, grows and lives.

1990s – 2000s

Giorgio and Rosanna expand the family with the arrival of their children Alberto and Alessandro.


Alberto grows up and decides to turn his passion into his work. He joins the winery with his father Giorgio and his uncle Gianni.

2016 and 2017

Determined to specialize more and more, Alberto embarks on two work experiences abroad where he deepens and acquires new knowledge, skills and different points of view.
In 2016 he is at the Torbreck winery in Barossa Valley in Australia.
In 2017 he works at the Arcangeli wines winery in South Africa.


At the same time as working full-time in the Cascina Ballarin family business, the desire to experiment and the great passion for wine lead Alberto to create a small production of Barbera d’Alba and Langhe Nebbiolo from a portion of land located in the heart del Roero and owned by the maternal grandparents (total initial production of 800 bottles).

End of 2021

Following a conscientious decision, the brothers Giorgio and Giovanni decide to divide the company after 30 years of great teamwork.


The Alberto Ballarin winery is born.
Cantina Alberto Ballarin